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This or that: book edition


It is National Authors Day & National Family Literacy Day, to celebrate, here are some this or that questions about your reading habits.

  1. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
  2. Hardcover or Paperback?
  3. E-book or Physical Book?
  4. Mystery or Fantasy?
  5. Sci-Fi or Historical Fiction?
  6. Standalone Novel or Series?
  7. Read with Music or in Silence?
  8. Reading at Home or in a Coffee Shop?
  9. Library or Bookstore?
  10. Read the Book First or Watch the Movie Adaptation?
  11. Dog-Eared Pages or Always Use Bookmarks?
  12. Reading in Bed or on a Comfy Couch?
  13. New Releases or Classic Literature?
  14. Autobiography or Biography?
  15. Audiobook or Podcasts about Books?

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