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Will you trick or will you treat?


Here’s a list of common “tricks” and “treats” associated with Halloween:


  1. Telling a Halloween-themed joke.
  2. Doing a funny dance.
  3. Pretending to be a spooky ghost or monster.
  4. Telling a spooky story.
  5. Making a silly face.
  6. Playing a harmless prank like a fake spider.
  7. Performing a magic trick.
  8. Singing a Halloween song.
  9. Offering a riddle.
  10. Providing a small, harmless scare like shouting “Boo!”


  1. Handing out candy or chocolate.
  2. Giving small toys or trinkets.
  3. Offering Halloween-themed cookies or cupcakes.
  4. Providing fruit snacks or fruit.
  5. Distributing stickers or temporary tattoos.
  6. Offering mini bags of chips or pretzels.
  7. Giving small Halloween-themed gifts.
  8. Sharing popcorn or caramel corn.
  9. Handing out juice boxes or apple cider.
  10. Providing small amounts of money (in some cultures).

These are just a few ideas for both tricks and treats during Halloween. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy the festive spirit of the holiday.

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