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How to cheer up a crabby coworker


Remember to gauge their mood and personality when trying these fun methods, and respect their boundaries. The goal is to create a light and enjoyable atmosphere without making them feel uncomfortable.

  1. Share a Funny Meme: Send them a humorous meme or GIF related to work or a common office joke.
  2. Desk Surprise: Leave a small surprise, like a funny note or a small treat, on their desk to find when they return.
  3. Office Games: Suggest a quick office game or challenge, like a friendly contest or a game of “Two Truths and a Lie.”
  4. Themed Dress-Up Day: Propose a themed dress-up day where everyone wears silly or themed outfits, like “Crazy Hat Day.”
  5. Coffee or Snack Run: Offer to go on a coffee or snack run together to take a break and lighten the mood.
  6. Desk Decorations: Decorate their workspace with balloons, streamers, or cheerful post-it notes.
  7. Desk Toy or Stress Ball: Give them a fun desk toy or a stress ball to help them de-stress.
  8. Impromptu Dance Party: Play some upbeat music and invite them for a quick dance break in the office.
  9. Compliment Circle: Encourage a round of compliments, where each coworker shares something they appreciate about the person who’s feeling cranky.
  10. Positive News Sharing: Share positive or funny news stories or videos to uplift everyone’s spirits.

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