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Illinois Valley Tumble Team claims two state titles

PERU — The Illinois Valley Y Tumbling and Trampoline team traveled with 24 of their athletes to the 2023 Northern Illinois USTA state competition in Bloomington this past Saturday.  All 24 athletes qualified for the USTA National competition, which will be held June 19th – 24th in Springfield, Illinois.  The team brought home a combined 65 top 10 awards. Karleen Camenisch brought home the state championship title on the double mini while Larson Caruso is the state champion on floor.
To qualify for the national competition, the athlete must place in the top 15 in their age group and level competing against 40 or more participants.
Awards are as listed:
1st – Karleen C – Double mini and Larson – Floor
3rd – Lily B – Floor, Lyla Y – Double mini and Trampoline, Karleen C – Trampoline, and Amayah T – Trampoline
4th – Maddie D – Floor,  Hayden E – Double Mini, and Maddie V – Trampoline
5th – Lily B – Trampoline, Alexis F – Trampoline and Floor, Reese W- Floor, Raegan – Floor, Maddie D – Double Mini and Trampoline, Sloan L – Double Mini, Evelyn B – Double Mini
6th – Lois B – Floor, Lyla Y – Floor, Maddie V – Floor, Lillee M – Double Mini, Larson C – Double Mini and Liv N – Trampoline
7th – Teagan M – Floor, Lillee M – Floor, Maddie V -Double mini, Sloan L – Trampoline, Raegan E – Trampoline, and  Lillee M – Trampoline
8th – Evelyn B- Floor
9th – Evelyn B-Trampoline
10th – Kiera P – Trampoline, Hayden E – Floor, Avery K – Double mini, Trampoline, and Floor, Alexis F – Double Mini, Sophia B – Trampoline, and Giuliana R- Trampoline
11th – Sophia B – Floor, Lilly S – Double Mini, Giuliana R – Double Mini, Lily B – Double Mini, Amayah T- Trampoline, and Larson C – Trampoline,
12th – Lilly S – Floor and Reese W – Double Mini
13th – Gabby S – Double Mini, Kiera P – Double Mini, Hayden E – Trampoline, Stella H – Trampoline 14th, Giuliana R – Floor, and Raegan E- Double mini

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