A Man Bit His Friend’s Ear Off During a Drunken Brawl

florida man

45-year-old James Williams was doing some drinking with a few friends in Key West, Florida last Wednesday.  He was with another guy and two women.  It sounds like they were all there vacationing together.

They were heading back to their hotel around 2:30 in the morning when one of the women passed out.  So James put her in a wheelbarrow he found, and started pushing her.  Which is a funny visual. But then he got mean . . . started tossing out insults . . . and dumped beer on her.  So the other guy told him to stop, and it started a fight. The woman who passed out woke up and tried to separate them.  But James pushed her and the other woman to the ground.  Then he tackled his buddy and started choking him. And then during the struggle, he pulled a Mike Tyson . . . and bit part of his buddy’s ear off. Cops eventually showed up and arrested James for aggravated battery.  It’s not clear if they found the missing chunk of his friend’s ear.