Meatball scented candles are now a thing

Here’s a good way to trick your family into THINKING you cooked something delicious . . .

IKEA is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its loyalty program by giving away thousands of scented candles that smell like MEATBALLS. They’re supposed to smell exactly like the Swedish meatballs from their food court that everyone loves.  And they’re giving away almost 3,000 of them.

Just under 2,000 people will win the candles.  And another 1,000 will win gift boxes that have the candle and a bunch of other stuff. They’re called “Store in a Box.”  So everything inside is supposed to give you the “sensory experience” of being at IKEA.  But they haven’t revealed anything else that’s in it yet.  You have to sign up for their free “IKEA Family” loyalty program to enter.  The contest runs through August 22nd. If you don’t win one, you could also just buy their meatballs and cook them.  They sell two-pound bags of them frozen.