The Most Expensive Game Ever Just Sold for $1.5 Million


A sealed copy of “Super Mario 64” for the Nintendo 64 just set the record for the MOST EXPENSIVE game ever sold.  It went for $1.56 MILLION at an auction.

This record broke one that was JUST set last Friday from the same auction house.  It was another Nintendo game . . . an unopened 1986 “Legend of Zelda” for the NES . . . sold for $870,000.   FYI . . . don’t go rummaging through closets for YOUR old copies of these games.  The “Zelda” game is a very rare, original version and only a handful were made.  So yours most likely ISN’T one of them. In the case of “Mario”, less than FIVE copies are known to exist that are still sealed and in such excellent condition.