A Contraband Booze Ring Was Exposed By Drunk Buffaloes

If you’re engaging in illicit behavior on your property . . . and you have animals . . . it’s a good idea to have a veterinarian who isn’t a total narc. Three farmers in India had some sort of contraband booze operation going on, which is a no-no, because in their state, it’s illegal to make, buy, sell, or transport alcohol.  And if you’re caught, you can get hit with fines and even prison time. It’s unclear what they were up to, but they had more than 100 bottles of hooch . . . and some were hidden in a trough that their BUFFALOES drank from. Some of the bottles in the trough broke, and the buffaloes GOT THEIR BUZZ ON. The farmers didn’t realize that . . . but they DID notice their buffaloes acting weird, including frothing at the mouth.  So, they called a vet, and the vet examined the water that they’d been drinking, and figured out that the buffaloes were drunk. The vet was NOT chill about it.  He ratted them out the police . . . and they raided the farm on Monday.  All three farmers were arrested.  It’s unclear what charges or punishments they’re facing.