A Woman Named “Booze” Was Arrested for DUI After Crashing into a Taco Bell

You know how they say someone has a name that’s destined for greatness?  Well, it probably works the other way too, right.

Last Friday, a 34-year-old woman in Florida was arrested for DUI after crashing her car into a Taco Bell sign.  She also hit the Taco Bell’s water meter, and a tree. And get this:  Her name is Kanisha BOOZE.  Yes, her last name is Booze . . . and that’s what she was up to last Friday night. Kanisha works at the Taco Bell where it happened.  It was around 10:20 P.M., and it’s unclear if she was leaving work, arriving at work, or if she was off and it was just a coincidence. She also left the scene and sped through some red lights . . . but the cops caught up with her, and threw her in jail.  She was released Saturday morning after posting $1,750 bond.