A Car Catches on Fire Because the Person Was Burning a Scented Candle

florida man

Next time, this guy just needs to hang a gas station pine tree from his rearview mirror and call it a day. The fire department in Murdock, Florida had to put out a car that caught on fire on Monday. And when they asked the driver how it happened, he said he’d been driving with a lit SCENTED CANDLE in his car, I guess to make it smell better. But the candle tipped over and landed on some papers, which caught on fire.  The guy pulled over and ran over to a restaurant’s garbage cans, to fill them up with water to put out the fire. But by the time he got back, the entire car was up in flames. The car was a total loss, but fortunately no one was hurt.  And the fire department put out a reminder that you shouldn’t drive with a lit candle in your car.