Truck Driver Breaks into Tears When His Cat Returns to Him After Months of Searching

I’m not crying, you are!

Okay, here’s the run down. Matthew has had his cat Ashes for years, they were best friends and driving buddies (Matthew is a truck driver). Well, Ashes got out of the truck in July and was spooked and ran off in a truck stop parking lot in Ohio. Matthew looked everywhere but couldn’t find Ashes anywhere. He knew he had to keep coming back to the truck stop periodically to see if he could find Ashes. He looked for months.

Earlier this month a woman from New York found a stray kitten begging for food in the same parking lot. She brought him to New York and took him to a shelter to be taken care of. Luckily, this cat was microchipped and they found out it was Ashes! They contacted Matthew (who was from Texas) and they were reunited.


Honestly, the pictures in this article are so heartwarming and pure. I highly suggest you check them out.