A Guy Steals a Fire Truck and Drives It to a Bar

A 22-year-old guy in Bristol Bay Borough, Alaska named Dawson Porter used a piece of lumber to break into a fire station on Saturday, and stole a fire truck. No one was there.  So he jumped in one of the trucks . . . crashed it THROUGH a garage door . . . and drove off. Now, Bristol Bay Borough is in the middle of nowhere, about 300 miles from Anchorage.  So at first we thought maybe it was an emergency, and he needed a ride.  But no. After he stole the truck, he turned on the emergency lights . . . and drove straight to a BAR, where cops showed up and arrested him. The craziest part is he’s done this before.  Back in 2017, he was arrested for stealing a vehicle from ANOTHER fire station.  That time it was a pickup truck. He’s facing charges for burglary, vehicle theft, and criminal mischief.  Plus a charge for violating his release after a DUI he got a few weeks back.Someone who claims he’s innocent started a GoFundMe page to bail him out.  But last we checked, no one had donated.