ISP: Air Freshener in Vehicle Prompted Andersen Arrest

Clifford Andersen in court on 7/13/18 – Studstill Media Photo

HENNEPIN – Air freshener cans in the front seat of Clifford Andersen’s SUV reportedly prompted his arrest in the death of his sister-in-law Deborah Dewey. That’s according to testimony heard Friday from Illinois State Police Special Agent Chris Novotney, who saw a white SUV circle the home in Standard the day Dewey’s body was discovered in September of 2016. Novotney said that the defendant exited his car to talk to investigators when they noticed cans of Febreze. That prompted authorities to seek an arrest warrant for Andersen. In other testimony given Friday, Special Agent Michael Galletti returned to the stand to confirm details found on surveillance video from the truck stop in Morris where Dewey’s vehicle was discovered abandoned. Andersen is being tried for a murder charge and concealment of a death in a trial in Putnam County that began this week.