1976 Cold Case investigation in Grundy County


1976 Jane Doe – Photo Courtesy of Carl Koppelman -Grundy County Coroner’s Office

MORRIS – Details were released by the Grundy County Coroner’s Office regarding a cold case of an unidentified female whose body was found in 1976. The details come as an illustration of the victim to help depict how she may have looked at the time of her death. The victim was described as a 5’7” black female between the ages of 18 to 23 years old. She was found in a ditch on a farm field in west Grundy County on October 2, 1976 with a gun shot wound to the head. At the time, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois State Police exhausted all avenues and resources, but could not identify the woman, or the persons responsible for her death. The body was buried under the authority of the Grundy County Coroner and her death was ruled a homicide. However, with so many advancements in forensic science like facial sketch artists, Coroner John W. Callahan and his office felt it was, “an opportune time to look further into the death.” Coroner Callahan stated he’s known about the unidentified female since he began in the Coroners office in 1994.

The office understands that this woman is someone’s loved one, and encourages any leads to help identify the victim.
Anyone with information is asked to to contact Deputy Coroner Brandon Johnson at the Grundy County Coroner’s Office and (815) 942-3792 or bjohnson@grundyco.org