Daisy joins Q from Mendota Heights, Minnesota, but now calls LaSalle home. Known for her upbeat, energetic, and spunky personality, Daisy knew at a very early she was destined for big things. Her love of media started at a young age when she and her identical twin sister were chosen to be the babies to be in the movie "Three Men and a Baby."  Sadly, the twins were fired before the cameras started rolling because they learned to walk to early. Ever since then, Daisy has been searching high and wide for a place to spread her wings and fly.

Daisy has always had a knack for radio. In fact, she won the Most Talkative Award in highschool. She pursued her dream at Brown College on a scholarship for radio broadcasting. The famous lobster diving story is what won Daisy recognition with the judges. Daisy loves to be on the go, and has traveled the globe, from exotic Indonesia, to riding a camel in Israel, from hiking up a huge mountain in Ireland, to conquering the Hawaiian islands. She loves pink, sparkley objects, ice cream, Disney movies, hanging with friends, going on adventures and making memories. Her motto is "Live each day to the fullest!"

Daisy hosts After Dark with Daisy n Q weeknights from 7 p.m. until midnight.
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