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Nominate your teacher in The Q Teacher Salute! Don't miss Q 97.7 and 103.3's Teacher Salute Program for the 2012-2013 school year, sponsored by Q, Pizza Hut and Exposure Salon & Day Spa in LaSalle.

Do you have a teacher that has touched your life or the life of your child? Why not nominate them below for the Q Teacher Salute!

The winning teacher will receive a $250 salon and day spa gift certicicate from Exposure Salon & Day Spa and a certificate honoring the teacher as the Q Teacher Salute winner for that month.

And the classroom will receive a class pizza party from Pizza Hut, delivered by Q on-air staff.

On the third Friday of every month, Q will pick one teacher to be saluted on Q! We'll continue to salute one teacher per month through May 2013.
Click HERE for contest rules and details.

Congratulations to our October recipient of the Q Teacher Salute: Mrs. Janet Piefer. Mrs. Piefer teaches English 2 and 4 at Fieldcrest High School in Minonk. She was nominted by Ashley, who had this to say about her teacher: "Mrs. Piefer is dedicated to our learning, as well as making special accomidations to those with disabilities. She is a breast cancer survivor. She deserves some pampering and even more importantly - SUPPORT!"

Congratulations to our November recipient of the Q Teacher Salute: Mrs. Jen Porter. Mrs. Porter teaches third grade at Lincoln School in Oglesby. She was nominated by Gage, who had this to say about his teacher: "I think Mrs. Porter should win this award because she lets up do fun things. She tells up lots of information about math. She helps students get better help. She does great brain breaks. She lets us do "trip." Mrs. Porter teacher us new things. She asks us questions and wants us to ask questions. She is the best!!

Congratulations to our December recipient of the Q Teacher Salute: Mrs. Maribeth Ficek. Mrs. Ficek teaches children with learning disabilities in grades kindergarten through eighth at Dimmick School. She was nominated by Michelle, mother of Ray and Zack, both students of Mrs. Ficek. Michelle had this to say about their teacher: "My twin sons Ray and Zack were born with hearing problems, which put them way behind in school. They have been working with Mrs. Ficek for several years. They are now in seventh greade and have gotten on the honor roll for the first time. They are catching up quickly and may very well graduate eighth grade with reading and math skills at an eighth grade level. I attribute this to Mrs. Ficek. She loves the kids, has an abundance of patience and the kids love her as well."
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