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Total Retail Sales - $2,103,044,000

Retail Expenditures per Household - $34,140

Income per household - $60,301

Total # of households - 61,600

Food & Beverage Stores - $223,633,000
Grocery Stores - $211,960,000
Food Services & Drinking Establishments - $252,833,000
General Merchandise - $295,141,000
Department Stores - $202,036,000
Clothing & Accessories - $33,692,000
Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers - $247,382,000
Building & Material Supply - $225,621,000
Health & Personal Care - $114,264,000
Furniture & Household Appliance Stores - $11,577,000
Radio, TV & Other Electronics Stores - $5,884,000

Metro Household Data are Census 2000 data and are updated by
Claritas, Inc. where appropriate sources are available. Total Retail Sales
and 11 categories of store sales have been compiled by Claritas, Inc. and
furnished to Arbitron. These data items are based upon Clarita's 2009
Demographic Update for the Metro.
Yes, income is down for many business categories, but over $2 billion was spent in 2009 in LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam counties. OVER TWO BILLION DOLLARS SPENT ON BUSINESS AND SERVICES HERE IN YOUR MARKET!

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The purpose of advertising is get your unfair share of the market! If there are 10 offices selling Widgets and every office gets its fair share, each office will get 10% of the business. If the economy is bad, that 10% means your business makes less money. But if you get your unfair share of the market, say 15% or 20%, you could be making the same profit or even more. Plus, when business improves, you make an even bigger profit than before. Fact is, the businesses that are most successful don’t cut back when times are bad; many EVEN INCREASE ADVERTISING knowing that it’s the only way to keep profits coming in and growing when times improve.

Listen to the radio, watch cable, look in the paper. These businesses are the ones grabbing more than their fair share and are more likely to not only be in business in the future, but to have a bigger share of the market. That’s history of successful businesses. To make the most of your advertising, click HERE.

Of the over $2 BILLION dollars spent in LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam counties last year, $1,200,000,000 OF THAT WAS SPENT BY RADIO GROUP STATION LISTENERS! Click HERE for Radio Group stations.

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